Our Take: Aquaculture in changing lives

It’s high time to recognizing the importance of aquaculture in empowering communities, individual and economies. It’s in record that production in capture fisheries has been on the decline and prospects of recovery are very minimal because of increased population and fishing pressure. Over the years inland fisheries have contributed greatly to food security however this can no longer counter the ever rising demand of fish and competition from other forms of food production. Therefore there is new investment in offshore aquaculture. All these efforts end up benefiting the big corporates and businesses at the mercy of local fishermen and small scale fish farmers.

This is the time to turn the tide and give focus to small scale fish farmers so that they aren’t left down in the economic ladder. Aquaculture is a key element in addressing food security and malnutrition in rural communities. It’s a paradox in this century to talk about malnutrition yet all expertise and resources are available. Of course there are constraints to achieve a milestone but it has been achieved in commercial aquaculture, why not in scaling up small scale fish farming in rural communities to empower women and youth and improve family livelihoods?

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