The Need for Aquaponics

Aquaponics is the production of fish (aquaculture) and plants in the same recirculatory system. In a nutshell, nutrients-rich water from the aquaculture unit is taken up by the plants (Vegetables). Through nitrification process the system ensures these nutrients are readily  available for plant growth.

According to Mark Kyenze (Founder of Aquaculture without borders- AWB), Aquaponics is adeal in both urban and rural farming  because of its self-sustaining nature and being environmentally friendly. To achieve a milestone and make positive impacts, resources are required to scale up such initiative but the ultimate benefits are worth the effort.

To benefit rural communities, its important to come up with simple, affordable aquaponics kits which can be take up by small scale farmers in large numbers. By so doing, household incomes will rise, malnutrition and poverty will be a thing of the past too.

AWB is looking forward to team up with experts who can come up with affordable aquaponics systems.  We believe “together we can change lives”.

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