Boosting aquaculture production in africa

For decades, investment and production of fish from aquaculture in africa has been at the minimal levels as compared to the rest of the world. It’s until recently that several african countries realised the social economic benefits that can arise from fish farming. Governments, local and foreign investors have set aside and invested millions of dolllars in aquaculture but still there is long way to go to achieve remarkable output. Alot of investment has been directed to the sub-saharan region which has huge untapped potential. Besides that, the number of aquaculture professionals in africa has been on the increase since 1990s – they have been trained in Britain, The Netherlands, Belgium, The US, Korea, Japan, South africa…. These professionals work as academic staff in universities, government departments etc. On top of that, several countries are putting in place legislations in support of aquaculture and discourage fish imports.

The big question is, what are the current drawbacks towards significant aquaculture production in africa.

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