Aquaculture without borders is going to point out some issues based on already numerous reports and news  regarding floating fish cages in lake victoria.

According to professor Wellington Otieno , Findings show that cage aquaculture is a viable business on Lake Victoria, far better than use of canoes to hunt for wild fish while (Businesstoday)  noted that, this idea began as a solution to the plummeting fish populations in Lake Victoria,but the growing popularity of cage fish farming is now posing environmental problems of its own.  The practice could be harming the lake’s ecosystem due to the lack of guidelines to regulate it. The government promoted cage fish farming to address the diminishing fish stocks in the Lake – especially the tilapia species – whose shrinking numbers can only be described as catastrophic.

(News.mongabay): Fishermen, researchers, and government officials alike are
embracing cage aquaculture as a way to boost profits and fish supplies,
as well as give the lake’s free-swimming fish a reprieve.
However, cage fish farming has caused problems elsewhere in the world,
in part due to the use of chemicals and the release of waste products, such as dead fish, uneaten feed, and feces.

This “Gold rush” – to do cage farming in lake victoria has led to collaborative efforts
between KMFRI and its counterparts in Uganda and Tanzania to develop guidelines and policies that will govern cage aquaculture on Lake Victoria, which is a shared resource for the three countries.

Aquaculture without borders advocates for sustainable responsible aquaculture,
therefore the move by different institutions to develop New guidelines for this new industry is quite important to avoid irreversible ecological disaster.

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