Aquaculture Feeds and Pharmaceuticals

Growth of aquaculture has been steady and fast where by about  580 aquatic species are currently farmed all over the world ( FAO) to cater for the ever increasing demand of white meat which has far reaching health benefits compared to red meat.

This demand necessitated the shift of aquaculture production systems from the traditional extensive systems to super intensive systems – high production per unit area and within short time. Farmed aquatic species are fed huge quantities of highly nutrition diets for fast growth – this compromises natural balance of microbial community in the culturing environment. During the culture period, fish are stressed and their immune systems take a nose dive thus aquaculture pharmaceutical companies come in to play an important role to save this multi-billion dollar sector.

Top manufacturers’ Aquaculture Feed and Pharmaceuticals capacity (
Growel Feeds
Biomin Holding
Novus International
Aller Aqua
Ridley Corporation
Growel Feeds
Neovia Vietnam


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