Israel sees aquaculture as engine for growth

(fishfarmermagazine) THE Israeli government last night unveiled a multi-million dollar plan to turn the city of Eliat into the country’s first dedicated aquaculture and marine biology centre. The announcement was made by prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who declared that fish farming would become the ‘engine of growth’ for the city and Israel. He said he […]

Aquaculture Feeds and Pharmaceuticals

Growth of aquaculture has been steady and fast where by about  580 aquatic species are currently farmed all over the world ( FAO) to cater for the ever increasing demand of white meat which has far reaching health benefits compared to red meat. This demand necessitated the shift of aquaculture production systems from the traditional […]

The advantages of a degree in aquaculture

Opportunities in aquaculture : Students become aquaculture entrepreneurs, aquaculture farm managers, hatchery managers, fishery officers, research officers, science officers, lecturers, quality control specialists, scientists and consultants – it’s a field with plenty of opportunity for growth…..( Aquaculture without borders is working to links all players in aquaculture sector in order to boost fish production and […]

Black Soldier Fly, a future for Tilapia feed?

( With the increase of the fishmeal and soybean prices over the last decade, insect proteins have become a focus of research into novel alternative livestock feed ingredients. While several insect species have been investigated, the Black Soldier Fly (BSF; Hermetia illucens) remains one of the most credible options. BSF, generally considered as a non-pest […]


Aquaculture without borders is going to point out some issues based on already numerous reports and news  regarding floating fish cages in lake victoria. According to professor Wellington Otieno , Findings show that cage aquaculture is a viable business on Lake Victoria, far better than use of canoes to hunt for wild fish while (Businesstoday)  noted […]

Sustainable Blue Economy Conference

The Sustainable Blue Economy Conference is the first global conference on the sustainable blue economy. Over 4,000 participants from around the world are coming together to learn how to build a blue economy that: Harnesses the potential of our oceans, seas, lakes and rivers to improve the lives of all, particularly people in developing states, […]

Aquaculture Expansion.

( . The driving force in aquaculture development is multifaceted based on its ultimate goal- either economic gain, foods security and proper nutrition. Players in this field range from commercial producers, rural folk and venture capitalists. The unprecedented interest in aquaculture has been occasioned by the significant increase in demand for seafood products and paradigm […]

Africans push for sustainable aquaculture

( The projected rapid growth of the aquaculture sector in Africa needs timely interventions to mitigate its potential negative impacts on the continent’s critical aquatic ecosystems, according to leading experts. Personnel from key national, international and United Nations agencies, who were attending a three-day workshop on Sustainable Inland and Marine Aquaculture in Africa in Nairobi […]